Am I a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

Whether it is a tummy tuck, liposuction, facial surgery, or breast augmentation, plastic surgeries are ever-growing and trending! Many men and women worldwide are unsatisfied with their current looks and want to permanently correct the concerns affecting their body aesthetics or impairing the functioning of their specific body parts.

If you are thinking of any plastic surgery, one of the most important questions that can strike your mind is, Am I a suitable candidate for the plastic surgery that I want? Well, no one can be a “perfect” candidate for plastic surgery. While deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery, the candidate must consider several factors that go beyond the procedure itself. Read on to know what Dr. Medha Bhave (Khair),
best plastic surgeon in Mumbai at Lasercosmesis who regularly evaluate and examine their clients for the candidacy of plastic/cosmetic surgery speak about what generally makes people good candidates for any elective, plastic surgery.

  1. A good overall well-being

Before going for any plastic surgery, the patients must confirm to their surgeon about their good general health by providing all information about their medical history, current health, current intake of medications, any allergies, and other health-related aspects. This means they must not be dealing with any serious health issues or chronic medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease that can lead to complications during the surgery and delay their healing. To be cleared for plastic surgery, the patients must be stable in their good health so that the surgeon can tailor a specific treatment plan for them.

  1. No smoking and excessive use of drugs or alcohol

People who smoke cigarettes, heavily drink alcohol, or take narcotic drugs are not recommended for any plastic surgery as these substances can hinder their recovery and increase their risk of having complications. Smoking is known to disrupt the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen and alcohol intake can over time damage the immune system to a point where the patients have the risk of getting an infection. However, if the patient does not smoke or take alcohol for at least 4 weeks before and after their plastic surgery, they can become a good candidate for the same and enjoy a safer operation and speedy recovery.

  1. Having realistic expectations for the chosen plastic surgery

Plastic surgeries can provide dramatic results but still, the candidates must expect reasonable results and not get disappointed after any plastic surgery. During the initial consultation, plastic surgeons at Lasercosmesis, plastic surgery clinic in Mumbai spend enough time with their clients to explain to them the results that can be achieved based on their unique goals, needs, and physique. Thus, the patients need to maintain realistic cosmetic and emotional expectations before thinking of going for any plastic/cosmetic/reconstructive surgery.

  1. A good psychological health

Plastic surgeons care for the mind, spirit, and body that are whole selves of their patients. This is why, while determining the candidacy for any plastic surgery, they ensure that their client is in good psychological health.

Self-confidence is a paramount aspect that the surgeon must check in the patient when any cosmetic surgery is carried out. This is because even though plastic surgery can alter the patient’s appearance, one thing that ultimately remains the same is how the patients feel or think of themselves. No candidate must view cosmetic surgery as an emotional crutch. If that happens, they would surely feel disappointed with the results of their surgery. Thus, a patient must choose any plastic surgery not solely to boost their self-confidence or esteem but must consider it because of the long or short-term benefits it offers.

  1. A good candidate for the specific plastic surgery required today

Many people elect for plastic surgery but aren’t eligible for the procedure. For instance, a mommy makeover, which typically includes breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and/or breast lift is a great solution for newly-made mothers whose weight has been stabilized and do not want childbirth in their future. But, if they desire a mommy makeover, wish for future pregnancies, and still have weight fluctuations; they can’t go for it.

If one is interested in undergoing any plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure in Mumbai and is looking for an expert surgeon who can deliver best outcomes they can consult Dr. Medha Bhave (Khair), the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai at Lasercosmesis.